Double Bitcoins Earning in 100 Hours ! Testing Brand NEW Money Making Program

    Double Bitcoins Earning in 100 Hours! Testing Brand NEW Money Making Program

    Опубликовано: 1 окт. 2016 г. Double Bitcoin Earning in 100 Hours! Testing Brand NEW Money Making Program

    What is coinr? is a high yield investment platform. It has been created from a group of Bitcoin lovers and traders. We have create this site to offer a new way to double your Bitcoins.
    What is the minimum deposit amount?
    No, you are welcome to deposit as much Bitcoins as you want.

    How long does a payout take?
    After 100 hours, we will send you your profit in round about 10 minutes.
    My deposit is not on your Website
    It takes 1 — 5 minutes until your deposit is shown on our Website. Please refresh the Site to see your deposit. Furthermore we display the deposit address.
    Is it allowed to deposit more than one time?
    Yes. You are allowed to deposit as often you want — BUT you must generate every time a NEW deposit address.

    I can't see my investment under «My Investments»
    our Website works «cookie»-based. This means, that you only see your investments if you are on the same PC and you didn't clear your cookies. To get more control, I recommend you our Telegram Bot.


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