Bitcoin Bot V2 (April 2016) Autocollect from Over 300 Faucets

Bitcoin Bot V2 (April 2016) Autocollect from Over 300 Faucets

Опубликовано: 24 апр. 2016 г.

step 1: go to, click on download section and download
the program from one of external mirrors.

step 2: install/unzip the program and run it as administrator
Important: if the program ask to update it is strongly recommended to do it

step 3: copy your bitcoin address to clipboard then click add account

step 4: select all sites before click start job, after that you will be asked to login at gmail,
recaptcha works better if you are logged in on a gmail account.
you can ignore this step of course. after that click ok. depending of your choice

step 5: complete captchas, all the satoshis from faucets goes to you bitcoin adress
at ( you can check there ) and when you reach the minimum of 13000 satoshi
they will send you the payment in 24-48 Hours

step 6: don`t forget to check our forum click on forum
we have great promotions
if you have any ideas, questions, etc… just post them there

step 7: ENJOY

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