script update 2016 August script update 2016 August

Опубликовано: 26 февр. 2016 г.Hi guys! Today I will show you how to make alot of bitcoin with
a bot script on chrome and

The first time I used the script it wasn't perfect but I'm updating
the script almost everyday with new function and update. But I will put the original link in my description too.

I recommend to have atleast 0.00262143 BTC. But the script will still work.
And bet 0.00000001 (you can increase your bet every double of 0.00262143).
So I'm starting with 0.00000001.

1 — OK. First you need Google chrome browser.
2 — My script ( It's not really my script but I worked 3 month on it so it'S better you will see).
You can find the script in the youtube video descrition.
3 — Sign up on refferal link
4 — Use the console (CTRL + SHIFT + J) and copy paste the script and it ENTER.
5 — Click on START BOT in the top menu. IF you use the faucet you have to restart every hours!
6 — ENJOY!

Good Luck!!!!!

2016-03-16: Bonus every 2-3 days for active member
2016-05-03: proof it's working!

Updated script —
Original —

2016-04-01 — Faucet

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